Dish Liquid FAQ's


What temperature should my water be?

You can wash your dishes in hot or cold water, as our products are formulated to perform in any water temperature. Try helping to save energy by washing in cold water. You’ll find you get a great clean, with less energy used. If you prefer using warmer water and you want to keep your hands in mind, Dawn® Hand Renewal with Olay Beauty helps lock in your skin’s natural moisture for softer feeling hands in just 3 uses. See more energy-saving tips.

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What is P&G doing for the environment?

Learn how P&G is Future Friendly.

Our long-term corporate vision is to achieve 100% renewable or recycled material in our products and packaging, zero waste going to landfills and conservation of resources in designing our products. To help realize this vision, we are developing products that rinse faster, clean better in cold water to save energy, and use less packaging through more product concentration. For our packaging, we are investing in improving our recycling rates to help reduce waste.

Procter & Gamble has always been concerned about protecting and caring for the environment. As a company, it strives to meet the most stringent quality standards and regulations though production processes that do not pollute the environment. For more information, learn how P&G is Future Friendly.

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